Type of Industries

Van Vliet Demolition is active in all (industrial) sectors, including:


-       Oil refineries (Oil & Gas)

-       Petro-chemical

-       Energy generation (power plants and wind farms)

-       Steel industry

-       Storage tanks and tank terminals

-       Pharmaceutical industry

-       Car industry

-       Food industry

-       Etc. etc.



Overzicht Soda fabiek te Delfzijl

Van Vliet Demolition executed the contract for the decontamination and demolition of the former hellenic chemical industries complex at cyprus. Van Vliet Demolition has...

Demolition of a chemical facility in Cyprus


Civiele sloop | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

We also have a vast experience in civil demolition work such as the demolition of hospitals, office buildings, schools but also bridges and chimneys, slabs, roads and foundations...

Civil Demolition (Buildings etc.)