Demolish VAM Plant in Hull for INEOS

In October 2018 Van Vliet Demolition were contracted to safely demolish and dismantle the redundant VAM Plant for INEOS Manufacturing at their Hull facility.

Van Vliet Demolition were appointed as Principle Contractor and would also adopt the role of Principle Designer at the clients request.

Anticipated, start date March 2019 with a 8 month programme.


In accordance with the specification of works supplied by INEOS, Van Vliet Demolition were tasked to undertake all identified activities and deliver best practice to safely achieve project programmes, budgets and client satisfaction.

Van Vliet Demolition liaised closely with the client’s project team to provide an understanding of the most appropriate technology and skills to safely undertake the works with minimum impact on the surrounding infrastructure.

Van Vliet’s Integrated Management System ensures that the necessary management support and expertise is in place to achieve the targets for health and safety, quality and environmental control throughout the works.

All activities undertaken by Van Vliet Demolition were in accordance with the approved programme of work, phased operations and safe demolition techniques. The activities successfully planned and executed in line with the Project Health & Safety Plans, Environmental Plans and Risk Assessments.


All activities were safely completed to the clients satisfaction in what was a challenging project.

Van Vliet Demolition believe in providing the safest, most cost effective solution for strategic dismantling and demolition. Applying project KPI’s which can be continuously monitored with client feedback incorporated therefore providing optimum client satisfaction.


References can be provided if required.

Van Vliet Demolition - INEOS
Van Vliet Demolition - INEOS