Van Vliet uses the most advanced techniques and spends a lot of time developing new methods and special equipment.


Following techniques are being used by Van Vliet:


-       Cold-cut demolition using hydraulic tools and equipment such as scrapshears, crushers, hammers, pulverisers etc.

-       Deliberate collapse and pre-weakening,

-       Crushing,

-       Braking,

-       Pulling,

-       Controlled explosives,

-       Air-sawing,

-       Hot-cutting with torches and plasma-cutters,

-       High pressure waterjetting,

-       Diamond wire cutting,

-       Etc. etc.


Van Vliet owns 160 ton Hitachi 870 excavator UHD (Ultra High Reach) built specially designed to demolish at altitude in petrochemical installations (working height of 40 meters with a 11 ton scissors!). This eliminates the need (almost) no longer be working at high altitude with people; this means that a large risk can be avoided.


Van Vliet specifies, purchase and maintains its own specialist plant and equipment for use on its decommissioning, demolition and dismantling projects.

All equipment and materials are periodically tested and meets the


Categories of plant Van Vliet deploy include:

-       Specialist 360 Degree excavators up to 160 Tonne

-       Long Reach Excavators up to 38m

-       Rubber Tyred and Rubber Tracked Excavators up to 26 Tonne

-       Hydraulic rotating scraphears

-       Hydraulic tankplateshears

-       Hydraulic concrete crushers

-       Hydraulic pulverizers

-       Hydraulic hammers

-       Magnets

-       Dump Trucks

-       Loading Shovels

-       Water/Dust suppression systems

-       Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

-       Specialist cutting equipment including plasma and water cutting

-       Specialist access platforms

-       Plasma-cutters

-       Asbestos underpressure units