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Dismantling of several shiploaders and conveyers


ThyssenKrupp (EECV) Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Demolition and dismantling of several complete shiploaders

The project was carried out over three weeks in 2019. Van Vliet Demolition managed the complete project including in-house engineering, provision of risk assessments, task specific method statements, lifting plans and HSE plans.


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Shiploader dismantling
Cold-cutting shear technology
Heavy lifting
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Shiploader safely dismantled 

Van Vliet Demolition safely dismantled the shiploader, while enabling the client’s operations to continue for 90% of the time. This was possible due to the provision of sufficient protection solutions for live equipment and proper engineering.

The most important part of the project entailed van Vliet performing an engineered lift with 1400T of lifting capacity in tandem. This also reduced the client’s lead time.

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