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Dismantling of process-unit


Dismantling of redundant VAM plant

Safe demolition and dismantling of redundant VAM plant

Van Vliet Demolition was contracted to safely demolish and dismantle a redundant VAM Plant in Hull, United Kingdom. Van Vliet Demolition was appointed Principle Contractor and would also adopt the role of Principle Designer at the client’s request. Through its use of trained and experienced demolition specialists and machine operatives, Van Vliet Demolition believes this multi-functional team was fundamental to the flexible execution and safe delivery of the project, whilst maintaining optimum safety standards and minimising waste generation. Demolition techniques were reviewed and validated via third party consultants as well as the client’s own in-house engineers.


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Flexible execution
Safe delivery
Minimising waste generation
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Additional control measures were put in place to minimise the environmental impact of air quality, ground contamination, water resources, noise, vibration, ecology, transport movement, access, and hazardous substances. In line with all Van Vliet Demolition projects, continuous project monitoring and progress evaluation were conducted throughout the duration of the project to ensure that performance criteria and client objectives could be maintained and achieved.

All activities were safely completed to the client’s satisfaction in what was a challenging project. Van Vliet Demolition believes in providing the safest, most cost-effective solution for strategic dismantling and demolition. By applying project KPIs which can be continuously monitored, and incorporating client feedback, optimum client satisfaction is assured. References can be provided if required.

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