Van Vliet Demolition is a multidisciplinary company with a wide range of services,


-       Engineering

-       Asbestos removal

-       Decontamination and cleaning

-       Demolition

-       Dismantling

  • Demolition

    Industriële sloopprojecten | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    Van Vliet has unprecedented experience in demolishing the (cold) and processing plants, storage tanks, heavy equipment, steel structures, ducts, chimneys, buildings and even airplanes.


    Revenues are maximized by properly separating and steel and non-ferrous metals that are often "ge hedged" to hedge against price fluctuations. Costs are minimized by using the correct type of methodology and equipment.



  • Civil Demolition (Buildings etc.)

    Civiele sloop | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    We also have a vast experience in civil demolition work such as the demolition of hospitals, office buildings, schools but also bridges and chimneys, slabs, roads and foundations etc.


    Vibrations and dust control is often an important issue that needs to be taken into consideration. 

  • Asbestos removal

    Asbestsanering | Civiel | Industrieel | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    In almost every manufacturing facility or building harmfull asbestos or ceramic materials are present, which should be completely removed prior to start of work in accordance with the law. Van Vliet is able to perform the most complex and large clean-in their own hands. We have many references as an example. Van Vliet provides complete end-to-end asbestos management solutions including asbestos removal and remediation services on large and small-scale works.


    Van Vliet Asbestos Removal teams are fully trained and medically monitored to ensure that the utmost precaution is taken whilst removing or disposing of Asbestos. Van Vliet  invests heavily in training to guarantee that the most current and effective safety measures and procedures are employed.

  • Decontamination and cleaning

    verwijderen norm materiaal | Decontaminatie en cleaning | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    Before a petro-chemical plant is demolished or dismantled, dangerous and toxic product or residues have to be cleaned this first. Van Vliet Demolition understands the different types of product-risks and knows how to remove and process these substances in a safe way.

    Furthermore, Van Vliet has much experience in the removal and proper disposal of NORM material (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).


  • Asset Recovery

    Restwaardebemiddeling materiaal en apparatuur | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    Van Vliet has an extensive international network of used-equipment buyers and is able to create a maximum return value for your equipment and materials. We have sold lots of complete plant and equipment. We look for buyers, and can handle the entire process of dismatling, pack, transport and re-erect.

  • Engineering

    Demontage werkzaamheden | Engineering | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    The precursor to any demolition activity is to develop management and health safety and environmental arrangements and the project quality plan. Each project begins with thoughtful work plans, TRAs, calculations and schedules. Van Vliet has in-house expertise to meet the most demanding customers in this field.

  • Dismantling

    Demontage | demonteren en/of verhuizen van complete productielijnen, equipment en procesinstallaties | Van Vliet Sloopwerken - Demolition

    Van Vliet also has extensive experience in removing and / or moving of complete production lines, equipment and process systems, or integrated with demolition.