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Safety, health, environment and quality


Van Vliet Demolition Group has an unparalleled safety trackrecord. We comply to all safety rules and have in-house qualified safety supervisors. Van Vliet Demolition SHEQ Department and the company directors carry out regular audits and independent specialists are also engaged to carry out external audits, istigated by Van Vliet Demolition. 


At Van Vliet Demolition Group, we understand that facts and figures are vital for measuring safety and driving the overall continual improvement for all our people, our most important asset. But they don't tell us the whole story.

It is our believe that every single employee and individual we work with has the right to be able to live and work without the risk of injury and accidents.

Our commitment to our people is essential to this. We therefore strive to support and encourage the development of our employees at all levels. Training needs are identified and addressed through collaboration between our Human Resources and SHEQ departments. This, of course, in addition to the important input of individual employees themselves.

We have a moral responsibility to our direct employees, our clients, our contractors and suppliers, and to local communities in the places where we work around the world. Human and environmental safety is a key priority within our organisation.



Safety, Health, Environment and Quality are at the core of everything we do. At Van Vliet Demolition Group, we therefore have a robust SHEQ structure. The internal SHEQ department is highly qualified and experienced and enables Van Vliet Demolition Group to ensure that the right capabilities and support are provided to achieve excellence at all our workplaces. Input from all departments allows us to create a Group policy that is tailored to the needs and objectives of our business.

We are proud of our excellent record in terms of SHEQ performance to date, but we also understand that the absence of accidents does not necessarily confirm the presence of safety. Fort this reason, we never let our guard down and never accept that we can no longer improve and learn more to ensure that our excellent track record remains intact.


Our Group Management Systems are in place to ensure that we have a strong framework in place to assure us that our procedures are in line with industry best practices and standards, as well as the various legislative and regulatory requirements of the many locations in which we operate around the world.

An enduring objective within the Van Vliet Demolition Group is to continuously improve our operations, with ongoing initiatives such as continuous updating of our systems in line with various internationally recognised accreditations, sustainability exercises and workshops, learning lessons from all cases, both internally and externally, and our Hazard reporting system that encourages our employees, contractors and client teams to voice their observations and report both positive and those needing improvements.

We are accredited to

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