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Over 85 years of experience has made Van Vliet Demolition the foremost specialist in contracting and carrying out the broadest range of demolition and asbestos removal work in the petrochemical, industrial and civil sectors.

We have seen enormous changes in those 85 years and it is abundantly clear that we now need to take better care of our planet. Industrialisation has led to a world full of buildings which take their toll on the environment. These buildings need to be demolished responsibly to create space for the future. Van Vliet Demolition Group is making a contribution by means of its Game Changing Demolition. Every project turns up the most complex issues which we solve by mobilising our professional team, equipped with the most advanced equipment, in the safest way possible. By doing so, we have been awarded all the relevant safety certificates and we have a track record with a clean sheet in all our projects.

Circular demolition, in which Van Vliet Demolition carries out the entire demolition process from start to finish, enables us to unburden our clients of all their problems. The materials and natural resources released during the demolition are used for other purposes as far as possible. That ensures an extremely sustainable mode of operation. 

Game Changing Demolition means working as safely, sustainably, innovatively and professionally as possible and that is Van Vliet’s strength. 

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