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Refinery demolition South of France


Demolition of complete refinery covering over 55 hectares, including asbestos removal and decommissioning activities

Total Demolition of Refinery

Decommissioning, demolition, dismantling and removal of the complete refinery adjacent to a continuously operational chemical plant (equivalent to Upper Tier COMAH). Along with the full demolition of the refinery, Van Vliet Demolition has been commissioned to safely remove all Asbestos Containing Materials and safely decommission and demolish the contaminated Bitumen plant. Large quantities of asbestos have been removed. Van Vliet will demolish the redundant plants mainly by using cold-cutting techniques (more than 13 different units, 50 buildings, 9 stacks and 65 storage tanks). Larger concrete structures and stacks have already been demolished using explosive demolition techniques.

Asbestos removal

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Complete refinery
Explosive demolition
Over 40,000 metric tonnes of steel
Ongoing project (February 2021)
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