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Demolition of Lube Oil Plant and Storage Tanks


Europoort Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Dismantling of the entire Lube Oil Plant at Europoort

Decommissioning, demolition, dismantling and removal of the complete Lube Oil Plant at Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam, including a 100 meter high concrete stack in the middle of a ‘live’ refinery. During the preparations and project implementation, Van Vliet Demolition was additionally contracted to demolish two storage tank projects (three Tanks + two Tanks) and to demolish a VRU Unit on the Ocean Jetty.


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Safely executed
Hitachi ZX870 UHD machine
Complete Lube Oil Plant
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Variety of disciplines

The project was implemented over eight months in 2019 and 2020. Van Vliet managed the entire project including in-house engineering, provision of risk assessments, task specific method statements, site traffic plans and HSE plans.

Van Vliet Demolition’s work involved safely performing a variety of tasks including the demolition of structures, columns, petrochemical equipment, concrete foundations and pipework using cold-cutting techniques. These constructions - up to 40m high - were carried out using Van Vliet Demolition’s unique Hitachi ZX870 UHD machine, which avoids having workers up a height.

The contract and its implementation also included the decontamination of ceramic wool (equipment), asbestos (complete plant), sulphur (tank) and bitumen (pipework).

As the final part of the project, Van Vliet Demolition demolished a 100-metre-tall concrete stack using remote control equipment including an exclusion zone and without working up a height.

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